Current Issue : Vol.15, No.1, March, 2017
Design of a Polygon Slot Antenna with a Polygon Tuning Stub for Ultra-Wideband Applications
Ju Ho Lee, Young Gyu Choi, and Joong Han Yoon
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.1 crossref
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Distributed Estimation Using Non-regular Quantized Data
Yoon Hak Kim
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.7 crossref
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Survey on Physical Layer Security in Downlink Networks
Mohammed Adil Abbas, and Jun-Pyo Hong
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.14 crossref
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Outage Analysis and Power Allocation for Distributed Space-Time Coding-Based Cooperative Systems over Rayleigh Fading Channels
In-Ho Lee
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.21 crossref
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Adaptive and Prioritized Random Access and Resource Allocation Schemes for Dynamic TDMA/TDD Protocols
Hyun-Ho Choi
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.28 crossref
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Distributed CoAP Handover Using Distributed Mobility Agents in Internet-of-Things Networks
Sang-Il Choi and Seok-Joo Koh
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.37 crossref
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Bayesian Approach to Users’ Perspective on Movie Genres
Artem A. Lenskiy and Eric Makita
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.43 crossref
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Ganglion Cyst Region Extraction from Ultrasound Images Using Possibilistic C-Means Clustering Method
Alethea Suryadibrata and Kwang Baek Kim
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.49 crossref
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New Feature Selection Method for Text Categorization
Xingfeng Wang and Hee-Cheol Kim
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.53 crossref
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Low-Power Voltage Converter Using Energy Recycling Capacitor Array
Syed Asmat Ali Shah, A. N. Ragheb, and HyungWon Kim
DOI:10.6109/jicce.2017.15.1.62 crossref
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